New View Mentality

Here at New View Clothing and Supply Co., we are much more than Clothing, Accessories, Apparel and so forth, we are a lifestyle.  From the Co-Founder's and each and every employee, to the way we portray our business; Our main goal, and mission statement if you will, is to help others see the true beauty in life.

The name New View was agreed upon for a plethora of reasons.

What ultimately transformed and merged from 2 companies joining together to one, is the idea of making others feel their best.  We want to help individuals like yourself feel even better and more confident than you already are.  We hope to inspire and empower each and every person we come into contact with.  

Through our clothing; our Tank Tops, Hoodies, Zip-Ups and T-Shirts, down to our Hats and Jewelry, there is so much more that goes into the design and final selection process than what may initially meet the eye.

Each item you view, with our New View stamp of approval attached, has been carefully and specifically individually chosen; with a rigorous, thought-filled, heart-felt, purpose.  

The reason behind the selection process has derived from each of our own personal stories, but the main idea is to uplift YOUR Spirit, along with any (and all) persons in sight.  Each item contains a powerful and special message within the design; some obvious and easy to spot, and some messages hidden* with Subliminal Positive messages, which will make your First Impression while wearing a New View item, a memorable and lasting one.  

*The hidden messages, are simply unnoticeable to the conscious mind at a quick, first glance; yet each message will connect with others via the subconscious, and will leave a positive imprint in their minds, whenever they so think of you.

We are a group of unique individuals, united as one, as a whole, and as different as we may all appear at a glance, as one, together, we stand as a powerful, cohesive unit.  We all share the same passion, wants, pleasures, and pains, and together we are growing, and with us, you will too.