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Your loyalty and positive feedback continues to blow us away, so we can only try and repay the favor by presenting YOU with our Top Picks.

EACH WEEK, Our Entire Team gathers in the "Style Room" for a little competition.  We go through 3 rounds, as each designer presents their project and why their item deserves to win - including sources of inspiration, comfort level, design colors, and so forth.  

The Designer's leave the room, as the remainder of the Team each individually CHOOSE their favorite design - anonymously.  The process is fun, exciting, mysterious, and often times surprising.

So, OUR Latest and Greatest is a fun competition to determine what YOU the viewer would enjoy the most.

We get no greater joy in creating something in which you like, and we are always testing ourselves to provide you with the best.  When it comes to style, clothes, trends, and more, we are on top of it; we just want you to stay on top of us (sounded a bit weird, but we mean keep us on our toes).  Trust us, and allow us to do the style lifting, while you get updated on our new creative projects as they come out.

You are as unique as a snowflake, and let us show you that we get it - We love mixing weird with a splash of awesome, because, quite frankly, normal can get a bit boring.

You can show the world your awesomeness in a style that will turn heads, while rocking the most comfortable threads.

All of our items are carefully selected.

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