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Get Ready for a New View... 

We at NVC believe it is ALWAYS a good time to try something new, something which will positively impact your life.  Regardless of where you may be in life, always know that your situation can be changed by you starting NOW....Please choose the former and join us and enjoy the sweet uphill journey.  When WE get to the top, we will have the BEST VIEW.  

The World does not stop moving, and in life, whenever you find yourself in a valley, just know that there is only one way You can go, and that way is up. join us and enjoy the sweet uphill journey.  When WE get to the top, we will have the BEST VIEW.  

We learned this after years of trial and error, years of struggle, battle, blood sweat and tears, and many years of overcoming battles.  Basically, we have been through the normal struggle that many of us are aware of. 

For a brief while, the Founders were on the brink of throwing in the towel, dwelling on the negatives, when the realization that a mindset makeover was a necessity.  We decided to stop allowing outside circumstances change our emotions, and came to the realization that after all of the years of torment; WE had gained something money could not buy...which were invaluable lessons, strength, perseverance, determination, and the list goes on.

We continued to work on our business skills, but it was 7 years ago, in which we realized the one area which needed the greatest makeover was our mindset.

And so it began, we decided to change our perspective on every situation, and approach life with a New View.

join us and enjoy the sweet uphill journey.  When WE get to the top, we will have the BEST VIEW.  

Our designs are made for those who are always ready, down-for-whatever individuals.  People who enjoy having a little bit of fun in life.  

Based out of the city that never sleeps, good old New York consistently continues to provides us with inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. Whether you get active and kick things into gear, or you prefer to simply kick back,this brand is for you, because hey, whatever you do... you should look good doing it.  

As we have acquired and collaborated throughout the past year with many artists, graphic designers, and fashionistas; when working in the design realm we firmly believe that only the sickest designs survive - and that is exactly what we are going to continue to present you with.

For whatever reason, you may not see anything in particular which tickles your fancy, PLEASE do feel free to reach out and inspire us to try something different.  WE want to WORK with YOU and bring you nothing but what you deserve - the ABSOLUTE BEST!


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